Live on Excursions: David Wax Museum

Mar 28, 2012


David Wax and Suz Slezak, together known as David Wax Museum, stop by Excursions to share their bizarrely brilliant “Mexo-Americana” music.

David Wax Museum can trace its inspiration back to 2001, when Wax first traveled to Mexico. There, he studied and absorbed the native folk music. Wax, who is originally from Missouri, teamed up with Slezak in 2007, and the two began performing folk music with both Mexican and American influences. Since then, David Wax Museum has gained much attention, including praise from NPR and spots at the Newport Folk Festival and South By Southwest. The band released its third album, Everything is Saved, in 2011.

Here, the two core members of David Wax Museum sit down with Niki Dakota for a lively interview and performance. The two discuss their roots, their recent visit to China, and Slezak’s primary instrument, a donkey jawbone. Performances include the Americana tune “The Least I Can Do” and Mexican-flavored numbers “Chuchumbe” and “Yes, Maria, Yes.”