Live on Excursions: Al Holbrook

Aug 3, 2010

Al Holbrook's sound will catch a room by surprise, filling it with feeling and emotion solely by his fingers gracing the keys accompanied by a soulful voice. "I have great admiration for anyone who will just be by themselves and perform," host Niki Dakota explains as she introduces her musical guest to the studio.

Holbrook is a Dayton-native and can be spotted all over the Miami Valley performing at venues like the Trolley Stop and Canal Street Tavern. This Friday, August 6th, you can experience him yourself at J-Alans in Downtown.

Holbrook displays an entire spectrum of musical genres in the WYSO studios beginning with a blues track about his hometown, "Fire on a Burning Wheel," then going into a meditative piece, "Silence", a part of his instrumental album Mantra, and finally a classic R&B influenced song titled "Packing My Bags." He currently is working on a forthcoming album and a teaching program following his overarching philosophy on music, "If you can hear it, you can play it."

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Interview by Niki Dakota
Adapted for the web by Chris de la Cruz