Kasich's School Plan Likely To Involve Digital Education

Jan 31, 2013

Governor Kasich is set to reveal his plans to overhaul school funding in the state.  There’s very little known about details but as Emily McCord reports for WYSO, it’s likely that digital education will be component.

What we do know is that Governor Kasich met Sebastian Thrun, the chief  of Udacity, a private online education company. Kasich told reports that he intends to work aggressively with him. Education advocates expect digital learning will be a focus in the future. Tom Lasley is the former Dean of Education at the University of Dayton and heads Learn to Earn, an initiative to improve education in the Miami Valley.

"I think the days where you have a teacher standing in front of 25-30 students at a high school in every single classroom in that high school, I think those days are numbered," says Lasley. "You’re going to see more innovative ways of delivering content so that the students are educated in way to maximize their abilities."

Kasich has hinted at other possibilities for education, like teacher pay tied to their performance. His school plan will be unveiled during a series of forums Thursday.