Kasich To Release Budget on Monday Afternoon

Gov. John Kasich will unveil his second budget today, and it’s expected to include changes in the state income tax and an increase in the severance tax on oil and natural gas drillers. Budget director Tim Keen wouldn’t give any hints in a recent interview, other than to say that the governor is focused on economic competitiveness and job growth.

Keen on budget and tax reform :15 “This budget will reflect that," says Keen.  "And the primary means to do that will be controlling our costs and a significant tax reform proposal that will allow the governor to achieve one of his major objectives to bring down the personal income tax and reduce taxes on small businesses.”

Last week Kasich released a key part of his budget – a school funding formula that means $7.4 billion in K-12 spending in the first year and $7.7 billion in the second. This budget is also expected to include an expansion of Medicaid to 138 percent of the federal poverty level – over the concerns of some conservatives. Gov. Kasich will first outline his budget for reporters at 1pm, then in a town hall meeting on OhioChannel.org at 7pm.