Karan Singh and the Freshwater Live on Kaleidoscope

Dec 13, 2012

Karan Singh performs in front of a live studio audience at WYSO.
Credit Shelly Hulce

Rosebush and the Pursuit of Dreams is the recently released second album in what Karan Singh envisions as a trilogy beginning with his 2010 release, Last Year's Ghosts.  With this release Singh also continues his mission of using a percentage of his album sales to help provide a lifetime of fresh water to people around the world.  So far, his work has been able to provide fresh water to 4 individuals for the rest of their lives. 

Karan Singh made a return visit to the WYSO studios to talk about his work and performed in front of the first-ever live studio audience on Kaleidoscope.  Karan Singh and the Freshwater will perform on Saturday, December 15 at the Oregon Express.