Justice For John Crawford Group: Prosecutor Piepmeier Wrong On Ritchie Decision

Apr 21, 2016

The group Justice for John Crawford says they’re disappointed with the decision by special prosecutor Mark Piepmeier to not pursue charges of making a false report against Ronald Ritchie, the 911 caller in the John Crawford case.  

The group held a press conference Wednesday evening at the Coretta Scott King Center on the Antioch College Campus in Yellow Springs.

In his decision, Piepmeier said there was no evidence to suggest that Ritchie’s report was intentionally false.

Bomani Moyenda with Justice for John Crawford still contends there are serious inconsistencies between Ritchie’s description of Crawford’s actions in Wal-Mart and in-store video that shows Crawford before police move in and shoot him.

“I submit there is no need to find the evidence when the evidence finds you. When it jumps out of the screen and onto your face and slides down into your lap, waiting for you, an officer of the law to put it to use,” he said.

Reverend Jerome McCorry co-led the press conference. He also believes there were grounds to prosecute Ritchie.

“Here you have an innocent individual, lied on, by a 911 caller, and the fear of those in power is that if we prosecute, people will be afraid to call 911. Well, I’m already afraid to call 911.”

McCorry called for continued action in seeking justice for John Crawford.

A federal criminal investigation into the case is still underway. That case is being handled by Benjamin C. Glassman, the new Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio.