JobsOhio Must Answer Subpoena for Finance Records

Mar 19, 2013

The state's job creation nonprofit JobsOhio faces a Tuesday deadline to produce its private financial records for the state auditor - or explain why it won't.

Questions have mounted about how JobsOhio is spending its private dollars since Ohio Auditor Dave Yost issued a subpoena last week seeking access to the private side of its books. Yost said he was driven to issue the order after JobsOhio declined to volunteer the information.

Republican Gov. John Kasich's administration and GOP leaders who control the Legislature contend Yost only has authority to audit JobsOhio's public dollars.

Yost says he also has the right to audit the private funds because they've been generated by public investments.

His subpoena seeks financial statements, spending and revenue ledgers, salary and benefits payments and other documents.