Governor Signs "Deputy Suzanne Hopper Act" Into Law

Jun 5, 2013

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has signed a bill requiring Ohio courts to report certain mental health information for inclusion in a law enforcement database.

The bill signed Tuesday is named after a Clark County sheriff's deputy who was fatally shot two years ago. State Representatives Chris Widener from Springfield and Bill Beagle from Tipp city joined the governor for the signing of the Deputy Suzanne Hopper Act.

Senators Widener (R) & Beagle (L) join Governor Kasich (Center) for the signing of S.B.7

Courts would have to tell police or county sheriffs' departments when they order mental health treatment for a person convicted of a violent offense. Courts must also report when they order conditional release of a person committed after being found incompetent to stand trial or not guilty by reason of insanity