GOP Senatorin Columbus to Counter Obama’s Message

Sep 18, 2012

The Romney campaign sent an up-and-coming Senator from Florida to Ohio to counter the twin visits of President Obama. Marco Rubio spoke to about three hundred people at the Statehouse at almost the same time Mr. Obama was speaking about a mile away. Rubio talked about the concerns of unemployed college graduates and workers with dwindling savings. And Rubio said things can get better only by returning to what he called the principles that made Americans prosperous and different - limited government and the free enterprise system, which he praised as offering huge opportunity.

“That if you're a worker, you have the right to become an owner.  That as an employee, you have the right to grow up and be an employer.  That's who we've been, and that's who we still are.  Somehow that's been lost over the year, and we seem to have forgotten that in our politics.  Now it's time to return to that,” says Rubio.

Rubio also blasted Mr. Obama on the national debt – saying he’s not only not dealt with the debt as he promised, but that he’s made it worse. And Rubio said if the president continues on the path that he started – quoting here – “the debt will grow to levels no people have ever seen”.