GM Documentary Gets Oscar Nomination

Feb 2, 2010

"It's always awkward for us because we feel like the spotlight should stay on the workers," says filmmaker Steven Bognar talking about his film's Oscar nomination for Best Documentary Short Film.


Bognar and two-time Oscar nominee, Julia Reichert received word this morning that their film, The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant was nominated. The 40 minute film focuses on GM workers at the Moraine Assembly Plant. Reichert says the workers played a key role in making the film.


"They really really share the honor in such a big way in the film. We could have never made the film without them," says Reichert. "Not only that they talked to us, but that they also helped us understand how the plant works, what the closing really looks like. They took us under their wing, really, and then they actually helped shoot the film so that's kind of amazing."


For both filmmakers, the Oscar nomination is bittersweet. They have remained friends with some of the former GM workers featured in The Last Truck, and their thoughts are with those still unemployed.


"We never lose sight of the fact that we wish this film never had to be made, and that so many people from the plant are still looking for work," says Bognar. "So it's always complicated for us."


The Last Truck is showing tonight at 7pm at the University of Dayton Science Center on Stewart Street. The 82nd Annual Academy Awards take place Sunday, March 7th.