Forbes.com lists Dayton as nation’s most affordable city

May 23, 2012

Publishers of Forbes Magazine have listed Dayton Ohio as the nation’s most affordable city to live in.

Forbes.com used four factors to determine the affordability of cities with a population over 600,000:  unemployment rates; median salaries for those with a four-year college degree; cost of living; and housing affordability.

For example – the median cost of a home in Dayton is $92,000.  That’s compared to the national average of $170,000 as determined by the National Association of Home Builders.   

Another example:  A million dollars in Manhattan’s upper east side gets you a 895-square foot one-bedroom apartment, while in Dayton a million bucks gets a 12,000 square-foot estate on five acres just outside the city limits, equipped with a personal gym and home theater.  According to Forbes.com, “In Dayton, you can get more for less of your income.”