Defining an Antioch Education

Oct 3, 2013

Every quarter, Antioch College has a lecture-style class called Global Seminar. It’s a required, theme-based and interdisciplinary course that addresses major global issues. The theme of the course changes each quarter and rotates between energy, water, health, food, and governance. Last summer the theme in Global Seminar was education and the class began with a discussion about Antioch and what makes it stand out in higher education. In one assignment, students interviewed members of the community about the definition of an Antioch education. Episode III of the Word features the answers from those interviews collected by producer Kijin Higashibaba and her fellow classmates.

left to right: Sasha Pak, Class of 2016, Charles Fairbanks, Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Hassan Rahmanian, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The Antioch Word is written produced by the Miller Fellow at WYSO, Kijin Higashibaba. Theme music was written, performed and produced by Seth Kaplan. Additional music is by Glenn Jones and Podington Bear. Special thanks to Coty Wyatt, Cleo van der Veen and Joshua Lucca, who contributed interviews for this episode.

The Antioch Word is a monthly podcast for the Antioch College community, about Antioch College. It is written and produced by Antioch College students working at WYSO and will be released monthly. For more information or answers to any questions contact Kijin Higashibaba at