Defense Secretary Propose Military Spending Cuts, Base Closures

Jan 26, 2012

The Pentagon today announced military spending cuts at a news conference which is part of the military's efforts to trim 487 billion dollar from their budget over the next 10 years. In addition to by shrinking U.S. ground forces, slowing the purchase of a next-generation stealth fighter and retiring older planes and ships, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also asked Congress to consider closing some military bases.

Earlier today, the Air Force Times reported that Congress will be asked to approve two new rounds of military base closures. To close or consolidate military bases in requires legislation from Congress to create a bipartisan Base Closure and Realignment Commission or BRAC.  The commission then studies the problem and makes recommendations to the president and the defense secretary. The Dayton Daily News reports Panetta did not give more details today on any base closures.

The last round of BRAC took place in 2005 and was completed over the last year. It brought over 1200 jobs to Wright Patterson Air Force Base .