Dayton Public Schools Teachers Rally As Contract Negotiations Plow On

Apr 27, 2017

Hundreds of Dayton Public Schools teachers rallied outside a school board meeting last night. It was an effort to show support for their union representatives as contract negotiations with the district continue.

Teachers union representatives and school district attorneys have been trying to negotiate a new teacher’s contract since January. The group has had 20 full-day meetings, and representatives from both sides say they haven’t still made enough progress.

Dayton Public Schools Superintendent Rhonda Corr says she’s disappointed with how  negotiations have played out.

“It’s taken way too long. And I have raised that concern as members of my team have," said Corr. "I truly don't believe that we’re that far apart.”

David Romick, president of the teacher’s union, says there are several key issues on the table, including teacher compensation and library staffing.

“So it has become very complex, very time-consuming, and progress has been very very slow. This is in my experience the most complex negotiation I have ever been in.”

Romick says negotiations officially reached an impasse earlier this month - now a federal mediator will be called into their next meeting on May 4. Teacher contracts officially expire on June 30.