Dayton Air Show Evokes The Past

The Dayton Air show took place this weekend, and as Karen Kasler reports for Ohio Public Radio, it's a lesson in history.

One of the feature performances at the Dayton Air Show is Tora! Tora! Tora! – a re-enactment of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor complete with fiery explosions, blaring air raid sirens and zooming aircraft. Mike Allen of Houston – originally from South Africa – flies a North American T-6, which is made to look like a Japanese Zero for the show. He took me up for a short flight over Dayton.

“Well, the show is completely different in that we have airplanes 20 feet from the ground flying in opposite directions with bombs underneath, so -
(Kasler: Why didn’t we do that?)

"You couldn’t do that because we needed controlled airspace to do that in. And there’s nobody below us and you can’t just go fly 20 feet above the ground under regular circumstances.”

Dayton International Airport does operate during the Air Show, but there are restrictions on the airspace for certain acts.