Chancellor Carey Ends State Budget/Education Tour at Wright State

Jul 29, 2013

Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, John Carey, was at Wright State University on Monday for the final stop on a statewide tour to highlight the recent state budget and its impact on higher education.

Chancellor of the Ohio Board of Regents, John Carey
Credit Wright State University

Carey, a former state representative appointed to the Board of Regents in April, said the mission mandated to him by Governor John Kasich is to align Ohio educational institutions with workforce development.

Speaking about some of the ways they’re doing that, Carey said, “We’re doing the inventory of all the programs in Ohio on the higher education side.  On the JobsOhio side, they’re doing an inventory of what the business forecasts are.  We’re going to marry those together and provide the information, and work with our partners in the higher education community and in K-12 community to make that happen.”

Chancellor Carey also talked about Governor Kasich’s recent executive order that colleges and universities 

WSU President David R. Hopkins
Credit Wright State University

find more ways for military service to be applied as college credit. Wright State University President David Hopkins is a co-chair of the committee working with other institutions like Sinclair and Clark State Community colleges to complete that task.

The press conference also highlighted work Wright State is involved in. Hopkins introduced Chancellor Carey following a presentation by Wright State Engineering Dean, Nathan Klingbeil, who has helped redesign the university’s engineering-mathematics curriculum to increase retention and graduation.  The university says, it’s a model that is spreading across the country. 

WSU Engineering Dept. Dean Nathan_Klingbeil
Credit Wright State University