Central State University Applies To Become State Marijuana Testing Lab

Sep 27, 2017

Central State University has applied to become a medical marijuana testing facility. The Wilberforce area university and Hocking College in Nelsonville were the only Ohio universities to apply for testing permits by the state’s deadline. If granted the license, Central State would be responsible for testing medical marijuana for safety before it’s sent out for wider distribution in Ohio.

Credit Lewis Wallace / WYSO

In a statement, Central State President Cynthia Jackson-Hammond said she hopes the university will serve as an “innovator” during the early stages of the state’s new medical marijuana program.

State lawmakers legalized medical marijuana in 2016. 28 other states have enacted similar legislation.

Public colleges and universities were given the exclusive right to apply for a testing license during the program’s first year. Some schools declined to apply, citing concerns about losing federal funding, as marijuana is still illegal on the federal level.

Testing-license applications will now open to private laboratories.

The state’s medical marijuana program is set to be fully operational by next September.