Cedarville Tornado Catagorized An EF3

May 15, 2014

Storm damage on Federal Road in Cedarville
Credit Barb Sloan

The National Weather Service has determined that the tornado that touched down in Cedarville Wednesday has been classified as an EF3. Several homes and buildings were destroyed by the intense storm that hit the village around 6 p.m.

Forecaster John Franks with the National Weather Service out of Wilmington said Wednesday’s storm was narrow, but contained deadly winds.

The estimated maximum wind speed of that storm was 145 mph and the EF3 category runs from 136 to 165 mph," Franks said.

Most of the damage in Cedarville was on Barber and Weimer roads. Roger Dobbins and family were at home when the tornado hit and it destroyed their house. Another home in Cedarville was also demolished but nobody was at home at the time.

Only minor injuries were reported after seven members of the Dobbins family were rescued by EMS personnel.