Campaign Funds to Help Pay Ohio Gov.'s Speech Costs

Feb 6, 2012

Barred from using tax dollars, some Ohio lawmakers expect to use campaign cash for travel expenses related to this year's new site for the governor's State of the State address.

State law allows elected officials to pay for meals and mileage related to public duties with campaign funds.

The provision keeps taxpayers from picking up certain tab, but it raises concerns from at least one state government watchdog who says it could extend donors' influence beyond elections.

Gov. John Kasich is delivering the speech Tuesday from an elementary school in Steubenville, about 130 miles East of Columbus.  It's the first time the address has been delivered outside the Capitol.

State, city and school officials aren't anticipating additional costs related to the speech, but a final price tag isn't known.

WYSO will air the governor's State of the State speech tomorrow beginning at 1pm.