Book Nook: You Had Me At Woof - How Dogs Taught Me the Secrets of Happiness, Julie Klam

Nov 8, 2010

Julie Klam felt lost. She wasn't living the life that she wanted to live. Her job wasn't very exciting. The men she was dating were not that interesting. She felt at loose ends. Then one night she had the dream. It was a dream about Otto, a Boston terrier.

Klam's dream was the impetus for a search that led Klam to her dreamed of dog. They found one another. Klam's connection with Otto opened her heart to the potential of a happier existence.

This memoir isn't just another feel good doggie book. Otto changed Klam's life for the better. In this interview Klam expresses the sweet mingling of joys and sorrows that made her relationship with Otto so wonderful. Otto allowed Klam to understand the potential that is within every one of us when we are fortunate enough to form special bonds with animal companions.