Book Nook: The World is a Carpet - Four Seasons in an Afghan Village, by Anna Badkhen

Jul 15, 2013

After a dozen excruciating years American forces are now in the process of finally pulling out of Afghanistan. So after all of this time what do we really know about this mysterious country and the people who live there? Probably not as much as we might think.

Anna Badkhen began reporting from Afghanistan right before the invasion.  She has written extensively about her experiences there. In her latest book, "The World is a Carpet - Four Seasons in an Afghan Village," Badkhen describes the time that she spent visiting a remote village in the desert.

Over the course of a year the author observed as a local woman wove a beautiful carpet. This carpet was composed of over a million tiny knots. Badkhen got to know the people of the village, and saw how they lived. She found that many of the villagers were generous and courageous. She has written a captivating book about a stunningly beautiful land occupied by a fierce and resilient people.