Book Nook: Wordbirds - an Irreverent Lexicon for the 21st Century, by Liesl Schillinger

Nov 13, 2013

As we surge headlong through this crazy culture do you ever feel the need for some new words to describe what you are seeing and experiencing? Fortunately for us Liesl Schillinger has stepped forward to plug some of these linguistic gaps.

In her book "Wordbirds" Schillinger coins new expressions to relieve some of these vocabulary shortfalls. Do you hate television or at least pretend to loathe it? According to Schillinger you have a case of "telaversion."

Do you find yourself frequently nodding off at parties? You might just be a "narcofester."  "Wordbirds" provides these wonderful new words. You'll find yourself plugging them right in to your conversations. Yesterday I was interviewing a poet and found myself using a couple of my newly acquired wordbirds. She seemed to intuitively comprehend their meanings.

This book is great fun. There are also many  amusing pictures of birds to illustrate her words. Listen to my conversation with Liesl and I think that you'll find that this wordy amusement can become rather infectious.