Book Nook: What It Means to Be a Democrat, by George McGovern

Nov 28, 2011

George McGovern sees that America is at a crossroads. He has some strong feelings about the current state of our political system. In "What It Means to Be a Democrat" he expresses what he feels must happen within our two party system today.

McGovern knows our political system inside and out. He served in the US Congress and Senate for a quarter of a century. He was the Democratic presidential candidate in 1972, losing that election to Richard Nixon. At age 89, Senator McGovern isn't finished with politics yet.

He believes that we need a strong two party system and that the Democrats and the Republicans must continue to work together to make America strong again. He points to the worthy accomplishments that have been enacted by our federal government because the two parties cooperated to make them possible; Medicare, Social Security, the GI Bill, Rural Electric Cooperatives, the Tennessee Valley Authority, and so much more.

In his second Book Nook interview Senator McGovern shares the wisdom of his many years and he recalls some historical moments from his life; his service as a bomber pilot in WWII, his service directing the Food for Peace program for President John F. Kennedy, and a piece of advice that he once gave to JFK right before a crucial speech.