Book Nook: W is for Wasted, by Sue Grafton (Marian Wood/Putnam)

Sep 25, 2013

Sue Grafton continues to work her way through the alphabet in her long-running detective series that features her beloved character Kinsey Millhone. "W is for Wasted" is the 23rd book in the series. In this interview Sue Grafton talks about the challenges she faces in trying not to repeat herself and what we might expect from the last three books and the letters of the alphabet that she will be covering as this series draws to a close in coming years.

Sue Grafton's first visit to the program took place 17 years ago. She was in Yellow Springs to take part in the Antioch Writer's Workshop. She's been back since but it had been almost a dozen years since her most recent appearance. We are hoping to have her come back at least three more times as she winds down this extraordinary project.