Book Nook: "Thy Neighbor" (Viking) by Norah Vincent

Aug 29, 2012

Norah Vincent's first novel is dark, dark, dark. Nick Walsh is in his mid-30's and he's depressed. He's writing down his thoughts. There are so many things that are troubling him. He carries around all this anger. So he drinks a lot. And he tries to kill the psychic pain that enfolds him.

But it is never that easy to bury your feelings. As Nick comes to grips with the reality of his past and of his current situation we begin to feel a slight bit of compassion and sympathy for him.

In this interview Norah Vincent talks about how she imagined this story.  She is the author of two highly regarded works of non-fiction. This book just had to become a novel. Norah Vincent has spent most her life doing the research for it. "Thy Neighbor" is a savage voyage through darkness.  That faint glimmer on the horizon; is it hope? Redemption? Or perhaps it is only another castle collapsing in flames.