Book Nook: They Eat Puppies, Don't They? by Christopher Buckley

May 23, 2012

Christopher Buckley has established himself as one of our leading American humorists, a genuine force for farce. In his latest book, "They Eat Puppies, Don't They?," Buckley has penned another mischievous political satire. He imagines a world where a lobbyist for a defense contractor is working on a project that is so secret he doesn't have a clue what the project is actually about. So he guesses. And he is right!

This spoof will have you wondering; are the Chinese really trying to kill the Dalai Lama? And will America be able to maintain our capability of fighting at least three wars at once? And will Bird, our defense lobbyist, ever find a publisher for his quartet of bad novels?

Then we digress. In this interview I also asked the author about the time he spent writing speeches for George H. W. Bush. We talked about his good friend, the late Christopher Hitchens, and his father, the late William F.
Buckley.  We also managed to cover Buckley's experiences on a Norwegian tramp freighter. And we laughed. A lot. I hope that you will, too.