Book Nook: Stan Musial - An American Life, by George Vecsey

May 23, 2011

George Vecsey has been writing about baseball for 50 years. When he was a kid Vecsey rooted for the Brooklyn Dodgers. The St. Louis Cardinals had a hitting star then, a fellow named Stan Musial. They called him "Stan the Man." Vecsey has fond memories of those Dodger/Cardinal games of the 1940's and '50's.

Vecsey's new biography of Musial reveals the story of Musial's humble origins in a steel mill town in Pennsylvania. We learn how Musial achieved fame yet never lost his sense of kinship with ordinary people.

In this interview Vecsey describes what made Musial such an amazing hitter and how he compares with the other baseball legends from that era. Musial is now in his 90's and he is emblematic of those simpler days when baseball truly was the American pastime.