Book Nook: Satori, by Don Winslow

Mar 21, 2011

In 1979 a mysterious author called Trevanian published a spy novel called "Shibumi." Trevanian was the pen name for an author who wrote numerous best-sellers including "Shibumi' and "The Eiger Sanction." The author died in 2005.

In this interview Don Winslow describes how he was chosen to write "Satori," a novel based on "Shibumi." Winslow has been writing crime and mystery novels for the last two decades. In "Satori" he has written a book which features Trevanian's creation, Nicholas Hel, the world's most lethal assassin. Winslow explains how his book is not a sequel nor is it a prequel to the original book. He has written a thriller that deserves to be ranked right up there among Trevanian's original works.