Book Nook: Runner, by Patrick Lee

Mar 26, 2014

In his latest novel "Runner" Patrick Lee has concocted a thriller with some elements that read like science fiction. As the story begins Sam Dryden is jogging along one night minding his own business when he
encounters a terrified young girl named Rachel. She is being pursued by a group of men who seem intent on recapturing her and doing heaven knows what to her.

This is the beginning of an adrenaline soaked chase in which we discover a topsy turvy world of bizarre drug experiments, supernatural powers, and opaque agendas. Sam has his own mysteries. He's a former military operative with a shadowy past. And Rachel might seem like an innocent young girl but she is much more than that.

In this interview Patrick Lee discusses his creative process and how he came to be a writer of screenplays and then a novelist.