Book Nook: On the Ropes, by James Vance and Dan E. Burr

Apr 21, 2013

"On the Ropes" is a graphic novel that is the long awaited sequel to a book called "Kings in Disguise." Both books were written by James Vance and illustrated by Dan E. Burr. In this interview with James Vance we find out how technological changes have vastly altered the collaborative process that took place for "On the Ropes" when compared with how that original book came together. The internet has really streamlined their process.

"On the Ropes" is set in the 1930's during the worst years of the Great Depression. It is the continuation of the story that began in "Kings in Disguise." Our main character is young Freddie Bloch. Freddie has survived some hard times. His family has been shattered. He has suffered physical injuries. But his heart and spirit remain strong.

As "On the Ropes" opens Freddie has found a most unusual job working for a circus. Freddie is the assistant to the escape artist Gordon Corey, a man with a rather astonishing job description. James Vance imagined the character of Gordon Corey many years ago and this story has been growing and developing ever since. The extraordinary artistry of Dan E. Burr really makes this graphic novel a delight to read.