Book Nook: River Bend Chronicle, Ben Miller

Apr 5, 2013

One of the joys I derive from reading books is the sense of euphoria I experience when I realize a book I'm reading is something quite special.  We book reviewers dig and dig through the stacks of books. There are some very good ones. And now and then there's a book like Ben Miller's memoir about growing up during the 1970's in the Mississippi River town of Davenport, Iowa. I felt like I had stumbled upon an old trunk up in the attic. When I opened it up I was delighted by the gleaming treasure inside.

Miller has spent a couple of decades writing essays about his youth. They have been published in literary journals like the Antioch Review. He has kept shining his words, polishing his prose, editing his essays, and writing down more of his memories. The result is this charming book.

In this interview the author reveals how his memoir came about and the process that took place as these essays were transformed into this gorgeous book. Best of all, Miller reads an excerpt from "River Bend
Chronicle." Listen to Ben's reading. Then I hope you'll understand why I am so thrilled about this voluminous volume.