Book Nook: Redshirts, by John Scalzi

Jul 3, 2012

Do you remember the original episodes of the TV show Star Trek? Whenever Captain Kirk would put together an away team to go down to the surface of the planet he would assemble the usual cast of star crew members; Spock,
Bones, Chekhov, etc. And usually there would be one more member of the away team, an unknown, some hapless fellow wearing a distinctive red shirt.

And we knew. Oh yes, we knew that that poor fellow wasn't going to be lucky enough to ask Scotty to beam him back up again. That redshirt was surely doomed to die a terrible death. John Scalzi has taken the theme of the "Redshirts" and spun off his own brilliant take on it.

Scalzi knows a bit about scripting a sci-fi TV series. He has done it. In this interview John Scalzi talks about this latest humorous science fiction novel. And we digressed. We talked about Ray Bradbury, Twitter, blogging, the Creation Museum, John Wilkes Booth, the devotion of his fans, and lots of other things as well.