Book Nook: Operation Dark Heart, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer

Dec 6, 2010

Tony Shaffer's publisher was all set to release his memoir when the Department of Defense stepped in and demanded that the entire first edition be destroyed. They pulped it.

This action was most unusual in light of the fact that Shaffer, a former US intelligence agent in Afghanistan, had previously obtained all the proper clearances to publish his book. The DOD then proceeded to censor significant portions of it. The book was eventually published in a heavily redacted version. Why is the DOD so worried about what Shaffer has to say?

In this interview Shaffer discusses a number of compelling topics; could 9/11 have been prevented? Is the war in Afghanistan winnable? Is torture ever justified? Shaffer has strong opinions on all of these subjects.

Tony Shaffer is a graduate of Wright State University.