Book Nook: More Than Conquerors - a Memoir of Lost Arguments, by Megan Hustad

May 2, 2014

Megan Hustad grew up in a family of missionaries. In her pithy memoir "More Than Conquerors" Hustad describes what it was like to live on the island of Bonaire off the coast of Venezuela while her father was working at a Christian radio station that had such a powerful signal it could be heard across the hemisphere.

Later the family moved to Holland. Her father's employment situation began to deteriorate. Exhausted by the stress of his job he finally quit and they moved back home to Minnesota. Hustad observed the difficulty her dad had finding another job. At the same time the author was going through some rebellious teenage moments. Eventually she distanced herself from the Baptist faith of her parents.

In this interview she reveals that while her parents were concerned and upset about her withdrawal from their religious devotions they never withheld their love and affection from  her.

The author now resides in New York City where she has found her niche in the world of book publishing.