Book Nook: The Lord God Bird, by Tom Gallant

May 10, 2012

Tom Gallant was inspired to write his novel "The Lord God Bird" after he heard about the reported sighting of an Ivory Billed Woodpecker several years ago in an Arkansas forest. Since this majestic species of woodpecker has been presumed to be extinct this news thrilled many bird lovers.  Unfortunately, it probably wasn't an Ivory Bill and the birds are likely to be gone forever now.

In ""The Lord God Bird" Gallant has written a plain spoken homage to the wonder of our natural world. The main characters here are "the man" who is not named, and a woodpecker. This man lives gently upon the land. The woodpecker and his mate have flown from Florida into the Arkansas woods where they encounter this man. The woodpecker decides that the man is worthy of contact.

When the man reports that he has spotted an Ivory Bill in the forest the word spreads quickly. Scientists come to attempt to document the presence of the Lord God Bird. If you love and treasure Mother Nature you should enjoy this interview. I cannot praise this wonderful book sufficiently. 'T is a rare gem!