Book Nook: The Last Place You Look, by Kristen Lepionka

Jul 15, 2017

This book is the debut in a new crime fiction series set in Columbus. Roxane Weary is a private eye with lots of issues. Her dad was a hard drinking cop who died recently while fighting crime. The two of them didn't get along. His sudden death has left his daughter with unresolved "Daddy" issues. He drank a lot. So does she. Her love life is a mess, too. Her father's demise has even served to complicate that aspect of her existence. Business is bad. When Roxane is contacted by a prospective client with a case involving a man who is about to be executed for a double murder she almost turns it down.

Fortunately her dwindling finances convince her to take the case. The man on Death Row has steadfastly professed his innocence and when a woman is sighted who might be his former girlfriend, the one who had been missing since this convict supposedly killed her parents Roxane has all that she needs to pursue this case to what is ultimately a dramatic and irresistible conclusion.

Roxane Weary is a captivating new detective. Kristen Lepionka writes like a seasoned force in the crime fiction genre. I cannot wait to read her next book!

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