Book Nook: Killed at the Whim of a Hat, by Colin Cotterill

Oct 24, 2011

Colin Cotterill doesn't like to leave home. You can't blame him, Cotterill lives on the beach in a remote village in Thailand. Cotterill is best known for a mystery series which is set in the 1970's in Laos. The main character, Dr. Siri is a septuagenarian and the first and only coroner in Laos.

Cotterill made a rare visit to the United States to attend the BoucherCon mystery convention in St. Louis. We tracked him down to talk to him about his new series that features the crime reporter Jimm Juree. The books are
set right in the part of Thailand where Cotterill resides. Jimm and her wacky relatives are running a rather unsuccessful resort. Fortunately for Jimm, some murder cases turn up for her to solve.

Cotterill's title, "Killed at the Whim of a Hat" is a quotation from former President George W. Bush.