Book Nook: The Great Railroad Revolution-the History of Trains in America, by Christian Wolmar

Oct 23, 2012

The development of the railroad system in America was instrumental in the expansion of the nation that took place during the 19th Century. Without the railroads things might have turned out rather differently.

Christian Wolmar has written extensively about railroads. In "The Great Railroad Revolution," Wolmar's scintillating history of the development of the railroad system in America, readers will discover how this crucial expansion of railroads took place.

At the peak of the railroads in the USA there were over 250,000 miles of track in service. After World War One the railroads began to fall into decline. By 1960 railroad passenger service began to be drastically curtailed in the United States as the interstate highway system and the automobile sounded the death knell for the once extensive passenger train service that had served this country since the mid 19th Century.

Christian Wolmar is very engaged with transportation issues and he is a wonderful guy to interview. Enjoy!