Book Nook: A Good Man, by Larry Baker

Oct 21, 2013

The central character in Larry Baker's novel is Harry Ducharme. Harry was once at the top of the radio world but his fortunes have taken a real hit. Harry washes up in Saint Augustine, Florida. He's living in his car. He drinks. A lot.

Then Harry hears this voice coming out of the radio. Her name is Nora James. She hosts a cooking show on WWHD, the tiny little radio station in town. Harry feels compelled to meet Nora. He goes to WWHD and asks for a job.

Harry starts working the graveyard shift, 10pm to 2am, and he tries to find out more about Nora. She does these remote broadcasts from her kitchen at some unknown location. Or let's say, from a location that is unknown to Harry. She's a mystery. So is this book.

In this interview Larry Baker describes how he imagined Harry, this lovable loser who hosts a radio show about books. Harry interviews authors. And he finally meets Nora James. He also becomes entangled with a bizarre religious movement that believes that the New Child of God will be coming soon. "A Good Man" is a great read.