Book Nook: The Good House, by Ann Leary

Feb 26, 2013

Hildy Good has done well for herself. She has been a successful real estate agent in a picturesque coastal town in Massachusetts for years. Hildy grew up there. She knows everybody in town. Whenever a local resident is preparing to sell a valuable property Hildy will want to be involved in listing it. Sadly, an out of town buyer will probably just tear down the venerable old house and erect another Mcmansion. Aye, there's the rub.

Hildy is Ann Leary's narrator in "The Good House." A casual observer might consider Hildy to be a roaring success. Scrape away the veneer. Yep, she has some problems. For one thing, she has a drinking problem. For another, she refuses to admit it.

There's so much more to this book. As you listen to this interview with Ann Leary you will see how fiction and autobiography can become rather commingled. Leary is a keen observer. This was a delightful interview about a charming book.