Book Nook: Flood of Lies - the St. Rita's Nursing Home Tragedy, by James A. Cobb, Jr.

Sep 15, 2013

Hurricane Katrina brought many horrors to the New Orleans area. One of the worst things that happened eight years ago when Katrina made landfall occurred at the St. Rita's Nursing Home as a massive wall of water washed over the facility. 34 residents lost their lives.

This particular sad event stood out among the many horrors that took place. There was a media feeding frenzy. People wanted to know why these unfortunate souls had not been evacuated before the storm hit?

Lies, untruths, and exaggerations filled the airwaves. The elderly couple that owned St. Rita's were being called "The Monsters of Katrina." They needed a good lawyer. Fortunately, they hired Jim Cobb. He defended the couple in their criminal trial. They had been charged with negligent homicide. "Flood of Lies" is their story; Cobb's clients, the Manganos, and his, Jim Cobb spins out a story here that is stranger than fiction,
and utterly compelling.