Book Nook: A Drop of Chinese Blood, by James Church

Jan 2, 2013

Over the years that the Book Nook program has been airing on WYSO we have had some rather unusual guests. There was the wine expert who insisted on pouring glasses of wine while  live in the studio. The sound of gurgling vintages added a whole new dimension to that broadcast. Some guests have arrived in a rather jolly state after imbibing their lunches in the village nearby.

Then there are truly mysterious guests like James Church. He is the author of the Inspector O series. James Church is not his real name. In this latest thriller, "A Drop of Chinese Blood," the story is told from the viewpoint of a Chinese official who just happens to be Inspector O's nephew. This espionage novel takes readers from China to Mongolia. There's a brief foray into North Korea and the story concludes back in China just across the border from North Korea.

In this interview the author explains how he decided to write this one from this different perspective. He also tosses out a few clues regarding his own mysterious identity. This was only his second visit to the program. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite guests.