Book Nook: Disturbance, by Jan Burke

Jul 25, 2011

The last time Jan Burke appeared on this program she came out to Yellow Springs to talk about her novel "Bones." The year was 2000 and "Bones" went on to win the prestigious Edgar Allen Poe Award that year for Best Novel.

"Bones" is just one book in Burke's series which features the intrepid newspaper reporter Irene Kelly. In that book Kelly went along with a team of investigators to try to locate the final resting places of the victims of a serial killer who had concealed their remains in the vast tracts of the Sierra Nevada mountains.  The killer went along on that expedition. He had agreed to reveal his burial locations as part of a plea bargain. Then everything goes terribly wrong.

Burke has finally written a sequel to "Bones." As her novel "Disturbance" begins Kelly is still a newspaper reporter. The serial killer is still in prison. Then things start to go terribly wrong.