Book Nook: The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, by Paul Dickson

Jul 4, 2011

Paul Dickson has written a number of books about baseball. Weighing in at approximately four pounds and almost 1000 pages in length, the revised and updated Dickson Baseball Dictionary has just been re-issued in paperback.

In this interview Dickson explains why baseball continually generates a seemingly endless variety of imaginative words, descriptive phrases, and unique verbal expressions. Words like: "bopper" (a home run hitter), "foozler" (a lucky base hit), and "screwjack" (a player who is notoriously

Dickson's dictionary defines and explains the derivations of expressions like: "stick it in his ear." "automobile squint," and "cutty-thumb." This monumental tome is an indispensable archive of "baseballese."

When Dickson has gone up to that great ballpark in the sky he will long be remembered and admired for publishing this definitive dictionary of baseball terms.