Book Nook: Belle Dame Sans Merci, by Astrea Taylor

Aug 10, 2017

Astrea Taylor returned to our studios to discuss her latest book, "Belle Dame Sans Merci," an urban fantasy novel that showcases the author's vivid imagination. The main character is a woman who has become a demon. She is trying to improve her karma enough to be admitted to heaven. Until she does so she'll continue with her lethal labors for a truly devilish boss. Taylor's vision of the precincts of hell is complex and profoundly amusing.

In this interview we learn how this story gushed out over a brief period and the process that transformed her manuscript into this lovely finished novel. Paranormal fiction and urban fantasy are smoking hot genres these days and Astrea Taylor seems to be poised to become a breakout writer in this field or whichever one she chooses to try next.

Astrea Taylor
Credit Vick Mickunas / WYSO

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