Book Nook: Alafair Burke's "Never Tell" (Harper)

Aug 23, 2012

Alafair Burke's latest novel "Never Tell" opens as the police are investigating the suicide of a young woman. Her body was found in the luxurious Manhattan apartment where she lived. Her parents lived elsewhere while she stayed in the city to attend an exclusive prep school. This seems to be a somewhat peculiar arrangement.

NYPD detective Ellie Hatcher relies on her instincts. This one looks like a suicide to her. But the young woman's parents insist that their daughter would never have done such a thing. Reluctantly, Ellie starts to look deeper. Oh what a strange puzzle this becomes.

Alafair Burke has penned another gripping mystery here. In the previous books in this series Ellie has rarely doubted herself. In "Never Tell" we meet a different Ellie Hatcher; one who is almost uncertain. Even so, we trust that she will uncover many layers of secrecy and ultimately solve this case.

In this interview Alafair Burke discusses her craft and how she became a crime fiction reader herself at an early age. She also talks about her dad, the novelist James Lee Burke.