Biden Plans Visit to Eastern Ohio Car Dealership

May 17, 2012

Vice President Joe Biden plans to visit to a family-owned car dealership on the second day of a two-day trip through swing state Ohio.

The trip Thursday is part of a campaign effort to draw distinctions over job creation between President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Biden was scheduled to visit Staffilino Chevrolet in Martins Ferry in eastern Ohio, a family-owned dealership that the Obama campaign says was saved by the rescue of the auto industry.

The visit comes the day after Biden visited a Youngstown factory where he tried to cast Romney as a corporate raider more interested in profits than in the needs of workers.

Romney's campaign says he had a net job creation record both as a businessman and governor of Massachusetts.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports Ohio has lost around 22,300 Manufacturing Jobs since 2009.