Balanced Budget Amendment Resolution Signed

Nov 26, 2013

State officials gathered in Lima Monday afternoon to celebrate the signing of a resolution directed at their colleagues in Washington. The balanced budget amendment resolution demands Congress pass such a requirement or allow the state to call a Constitutional convention. Gov. John Kasich has pushed for the resolution, and says it’s a bipartisan issue.

“Before it was sort of a niche issue," says Kasich.  "Now it's such a big deal, and as long as we're not in the process of arguing exactly how you're going to get it done and you're going to create the principle, then I think you have a pretty good shot at it.  Of course we're going to need some Democrats.  We're going to need some Democrat governors, and we get some and so, we’ll see”

The vote for the resolution in the Ohio Statehouse was overwhelmingly Republican, but a few Democrats joined as well. Ohio is the 20th state to pass the resolution – 34 are needed. Kasich says he’ll write to governors of states that haven’t passed a similar resolution to argue for it.