Antioch University Board of Governors Appoints New Chancellor

Mar 19, 2012

 Felice Nudelman currently serves as Executive Director of Education for The New York Times Company.  She develops and oversees education initiatives, including The New York Times Knowledge Network.  Nudelman says she looks forward to building on Antioch’s existing mission.

"The ability to have a national university that at it’s core, it’s mission is to provide a learner-centered education to empower students with knowledge and skills to lead meaningful lives and to advance social, economic and environmental justice... that’s a very strong and compelling mission and as a national university, that speaks to some of the greatest needs of the country at this time."

Nudelman says Antioch’s Growth needs extend to the local level.

"When you couple that with very strong campus presence, campuses that are linked to their communities, that are strengthened by their community ties, I think it is a strength, an absolute strength, and so I look forward to working with each of the five campuses."

Before joining The New York Times, Felice Nudelman served as executive director for Pace University’s School of Education.  WYSO is Liscensed to Antioch University - current Chancellor, Toni Murdock will retire in June.  Nudleman will begin her term on July 1st.

Audio contains full interview.