Airman Who Received Extensive Treatment Last Year Dies

Nov 30, 2010

A Senior Airmen with the 88th communication squadron who was injured in Afghanistan a year ago has died. Wright Patterson Air Force Base announced that Tre Porfirio passed away Sunday morning while visiting friends over the Thanksgiving holiday. He was 22 years old.

Porfirio made national headlines when doctors performed extensive life saving efforts on him after he was shot 3 times in the back by an insurgent in Afghanistan in November 2009. There was damage to his organs and the procedures to save him were never done before on a trauma patient. In June of this year, Porfirio was awarded the Purple Heart.

The exact cause of his death is unknown. A memorial service will be held tomorrow at Chapel 3 in the Prairies at Wright Field at 2 pm. It is open to anyone with base access.